Acorn and Banana are enemies. Acorn doesn't like random contestants. He thinks they're dumb. In Constructive Criticism, Acorn called Banana dumb for putting a splotch of paint on the wall.


Banana and Bucket are friends. They don't interact with each other much. Although, Bucket did allow Banana to watch Killer Show 54 with him and Notebook.


Banana and Cone are also friends. Just like with Bucket, they don't interact that much either. They are both random, and both enemies with Acorn.

Dollar & George

Banana hasn't interacted with George at all, but he has once with Dollar. He told Dollar that he shouldn't underestimate his team, especially him in Constructive Criticism. Also, George and Banana are still friends, due to George being friends with everyone.

Fire Extinguisher

Banana and Fire Extinguisher are acquaintances. In Not Your Forte, after Fire Extinguisher asked if the teams were ready to perform, Banana said "No."


Banana and Grassy are enemies. Banana made Grassy's Taxi crash into a huge mountain, and he made Paint Palette say that Grassy sucks, so Grassy told him to go die in a hole. After that, they never interacted again.