–Door, Volcanic Excitement & Rapping it Up

Door is a minor character on Object Lockdown.


Door has no recognizable personality, the only thing he has resembling one is that he likes using passwords for people to pass him.


Volcanic Excitement

Door is first seen stopping Diamond from progressing any further in the challenge, but when Limey comes up and states the password (which is the exact same from Super Object Battle) he lets him pass.

Rapping it Up

Door makes his first (and most likely last) appearance when Umbrella, Snowboard, and Skateboard come up and he asks for the password, after they lose 2 of their tries, Umbrella proceeds to punch door, presumably killing him, making him Presumably deceased.


  • Door is one of the only characters in OLD to have used a body to come from Google Images.
    • The only other characters like this were Lock, and M&M.
  • Door is the very first character to die in Object Lockdown.
  • The password Door asks for is the exact same one used in SOB and OLD, which is "toidI uoy emaseS nepO"
    • This is Open Sesame you Idiot in reverse.