This island will be the area of a new show that's taking place: Object Lockdown, or OLD for short. The 28 of you are all contestants.

–Fire Extinguisher, Volcanic Excitement

Fire Extinguisher is the main host of Object Lockdown.


Fire Extinguisher is a stored-pressure fire extinguisher with a white tag on a red cylinder and a dark grey handle and spray nozzle connected by a hose.


Fire Extinguisher is, unlike other object show hosts, quite friendly and helpful. However, he can be seen as annoying sometimes, as his co-host Lock once ordered some aliens just to get rid of him for a while. (Breaking the Mold). In Not Your Forte, it is revealed that he has an amiibo collection, but is very secretive about it.


  • Fire Extinguisher was created when Jack was thinking of a host in his school library and saw an extinguisher. He thought it was a good host idea, since they are on an island with an active volcano.
  • Fire Extinguisher is one of the few object show hosts that isn't an electronic device.
  • Fire Extinguisher is the first character with an onscreen appearance in Object Lockdown.
  • An account called Firey Rip-Off does exist on YouTube, run by the creator of OLD and some friends, making a hate-comment on OLD episode 1 as a reference to the 1st scene.