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"Aaah! What happened here?" - Yarn
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Aw man!

–Moon, Breaking the Mold

Moon was a contestant in Object Lockdown. He was the first contestant to be locked down, in The Cream of the Crop. He was eliminated with Limey, Balloon and Skateboard in Breaking the Mold.


Moon is a miniature dark blue crescent moon with darker circles on his body.


Moon is obsessed with beating Sun at everything, and drops everything in order to do so, he will willingly break the rules of a contest simply to get the satisfaction of beating him at something. Moon can be quite mean to others as he called the other contestants losers and popped Balloon.



Volcanic Excitement

Moon flew to the finish line, even though it was against the rules, putting himself up for elimination.

The Cream of the Crop

He received the most dislikes, 228, getting him locked down. He didn't help much in the challenge. He wanted Sun to be on the danger team again, putting him onto it.


Breaking the Mold

He is seen making a brief appearance at the Lockdown Session, complaining after it is announced that him, Limey, and one other person would be officially leaving.

Revive and Survive

Moon gets yet another brief appearance, this time being in the Seaside Apartments. He is shown making a remark about the people in the Seaside Village at the time, and then popping Balloon after she states how he had been mean.

Vote History

Episode Likes Dislikes
The Cream of the Crop 54 228


  • Moon and Sun aren't the real Moon and Sun in the Object Lockdown universe, they were from another universe, explaining their size.
  • Moon is the first contestant to get locked down.
  • If we count Drago quitting, Moon is technically not in last place, but was still the first person to be officially eliminated/locked down either way.


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