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The Object Lockdown Crew is the common name for the individuals who work on OLD, as well as the name of the Skype Groups they use.


Members who have multiple roles are listed under the category first listed in the credits.


  • TheWuggleJack, voice actor for various characters, also an animator.
  • TheWuggle (aka John), former voice actor for Lock.


  • PointyAnimations


  • ChrisSchwafer
  • fweeby
  • InterstellarLizard
  • TopHatTheHat


  • Aids
  • Allenimations
  • Area
  • BrannFlakes
  • Cormac Oliver
  • EaZAnimations
  • FusionAnimatons, the dumbface
  • GuyGoon
  • Huitzi
  • HurricaneHunterJackson
  • ObjectDimensionOfficial
  • PhoebeBebe, voice actor for Yarn.
  • RedBreloom, voice actor for the Alien.
  • Rival Race, voice actor for Hot Sauce.
  • TTGuy10000
  • UpArrow
  • Webzforevz, voice actor for Lock.
  • WhiteImator
  • WoopDooCreations, voice actor for Lemony.
  • XanyLeaves, voice actor for Acorn.

Former Animators

  • AnimationCreated, voice actor for Dollar.
  • Fland
  • Hyates Animations
  • Legoboynj Animations, the best singer.
  • Windows, voice actor for Parobject and Computer.

Voice Actors

Minor Voice Actors

Former Voice Actors

  • Dragonkitty12340, former voice actress for Diamond.
  • Hugheseypoop, former voice actor for Can, Acorn and Yarn.
  • TheAnimationStation, graphic designer, former voice actor for Milky.