Object Lockdown Wiki

Welcome to the official Object Lockdown wiki!

Welcome to the official Object Lockdown Wiki!

Object Lockdown is a web series created by Wuggolo. It is based off other shows, such as Battle for Dream Island and Total Drama Island. Object Lockdown is about 28 contestants that are competing to win a mansion. You can find the list of characters here.


While this is an unnecessary section, and probably doesn't need to be here, please keep in mind not to add unnecessary categories about minor things like cute or shy, these categories while most likely created with good intentions, are not necessary to the wiki, and take up space and make things a little too complicated, and help to clean this up and rid of any unnecessary categories is greatly appreciated.

For more information on topics about things that could end up getting you in trouble, please remember to check out the Guidelines.

Adding information regarding Object Lockout is allowed and encouraged, as it's the sequel series to Object Lockdown. There also is a standalone Object Lockout Wiki, which you can look at and help edit here:



Tips for Making Articles

Here are some tips for creating articles


So, for making character articles, some of the essential things to add, are a quote in the very top part, adding something like "Acorn is a male contestant on object lockdown" (see Acorn's page for an example) then adding their personality, coverage, trivia, and then a gallery, and add some categories to their page, while using the OLD Template for characters.


When starting, make sure to add in something along the lines of "So and so is the 1st episode of Object Lockdown" then add in the episode template, and the synopsis, along with the episode underneath the template, and make sure to add subheadings to the synopsis to indicate which parts of the episode happen in each segment (see Volcanic Excitement for an example), and add Trivia, then goofs, and finally a gallery using headings.