The Other Killer Show 54 Characters are two characters who's sole appearance is in the "intro" of Killer Show 54, which is seen as Notebook states the name of the show for the first time in Breaking the Mold. Neither appear in the episode shown.


Duncan Skull

Skull appears on the far left, next to 8-Ball, he appears to be the skull design seen on the shirt of Duncan, a character from the Total Drama series.

He has no known personality, though his pose in the "intro" shows him crossing his arms with an irritated look.

Ivan's Bully

Ivan's Bully

Ivan's Bully appears on the left, in between 8-Ball and Marshmolo, he appears to be a picture of a child, TheWuggleJack has confirmed that this character is named "Ivan's Bully", Ivan referring to WhiteImator, an animator for OLD.

He notably has no facial features, outside of the picture itself.