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"Aaah! What happened here?" - Yarn
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Sounds like a plan, hop on.

–Skateboard, Breaking the Mold

Skateboard was a male contestant on Object Lockdown. He was eliminated in Breaking the Mold, due to being the first killed in the challenge.


Skateboard is a brown rectangular skateboard with a zig-zag pattern and grey wheels.


Skateboard is a fairly normal and nice contestant. Due to his lack of legs, he rolls around in order to move, and enjoys going fast, but sometimes forgets to look where he’s going. He is best friends with Snowboard.


Volcanic Excitement

He is first seen conversing with Snowboard, letting her ride him for the challenge shortly after she asked. When Umbrella had hopped onto him, he told her to get off, but only kept her only since she had given him $50 to join them.

Rapping it Up

The only thing he is seen doing is guessing the Password when him, Umbrella, and Snowboard were trying to get past Door. With his only guess being "Pineapples." Off screen, all three of them likely crossed the finish line, as they were all safe.

The Cream of the Crop

He's only seen briefly in the episode, telling everyone on his team to make the Ice Cream as bad as possible, as that was their team's plan thanks to Pumpkin. He remained on the safe team otherwise, even with his team losing.

Not Your Forte

During the challenge, he was placed onto Team 4. Later on during the episode, while his group is asking what type of song to do, and he suggests doing Dubstep, stating that it's "the most hip thing since sliced bread." Since his group got a high score he, unfortunately, remained on the safe team again.

Breaking the Mold

At the elimination, he is seen voting for Umbrella. Later on, when the challenge started, Snowboard had suggested teaming up again, a lot like in Episode 1, he agrees to this idea, and lets Snowboard ride him again. Shortly after they had started moving, they stumbled into mud. After asking what they had rolled into was, Snowboard began going on a lengthy explanation on what mud was composed up, and in the middle of her explanation, Skateboard ended up getting stabbed by a knife, killing him. After being killed, he was declared eliminated by Lock, due to being killed first.


  • Skateboard was the first contestant to be eliminated in Object Lockdown without a proper elimination.
  • Skateboard is the only contestant that has never been on the Danger Team.
    • Since he was never on the Danger Team, he never received a like or dislike.
  • TheWuggleJack has stated that, aside from Drago, Skateboard is his least favorite contestant on the show, which is why he was automatically eliminated after being killed first in Breaking the Mold.
  • Skateboard is the lowest ranking competitor who is not voiced by TheWuggleJack.

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