Hmm, tastes like mint chocolate chip, with a hint of poison! Wait... hint of poison?

–Sketchpad, The Cream of the Crop

Sketchpad is a male cameo character in Object Lockdown. He appeared in The Cream of the Crop as one of the Safe Team's customers.


The Cream of the Crop

Sketchpad first appears in front of the Safe Team's Dessert Stand, after being greeted by Sun, he asks for a Rival Race Special and the Mexican Food Sundae before being cut off by Sun, who tells him that they don't serve the Mexican Food Special after the made-up "Great Mexican Food Massacre of 1944", Sketchpad is confused by this, and instead decides to order a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. As Sun goes to get the ice cream Notebook tells him to put poison on Sketchpad's ice cream, fearing he's plagiarizing his character. When Sun gives him his ice cream he comments on the taste, and after noting the taste of poison, he double takes before dying from it. Notebook then walks up with a lighter and throws a lit match at Sketchpad, which begins to burn him.


  • Sketchpad is the only cameo or minor character to die on-screen. He was also the only character to die in the series until Breaking the Mold, excluding intros.
  • Sketchpad is the main OC of Rival Race, a member of the Object Lockdown Crew and the voice actor for Hot Sauce.
    • The "Rival Race Special", one of the menu options Sketchpad orders, is named after him as well.